Deeper Scan is simple and efficient. The process takes less than 15 seconds per item.

Its whats on the inside that counts

The Deeper Scan Process

Step 1

Insert device into x-ray scanner & close the door.

Any solid device can be scanned, providing the x-ray scanner can penetrate the device which is dependent on the x-ray device.
Note: For some applications a conveyor or larger system can be used.


Step 2

Press the scan button.

Once the scan button is pressed, a scan of the device is taken and sent to the cloud or local server for analysis. This process takes less than 7 seconds.

Step 3

System identifies object or the closest match.

The system will automatically identify which device is being scanned and a similar device that is also suitable for comparison. Where a device is unknown similar devices are used to identify "unusual" features.


Step 4

Differences identified

The system automatically identifies any difference between the item being scanned and the known match.

Step 5


Differences are analysed using machine learning to identify if the difference is something of interest. Based upon learnt criteria, which can be customised depending on application, the system displays a decision.


Step 6

Alerts and automatic review

Should the system detect an area of concern, the system can either alert an operator or, optionally be automatically sent to a review centre. The reviewer reviews the result and returns the outcome to the Deeper Scan system in minutes.